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To explain the point of our NCEA workshops, we've spared no expense at creating this engaging and informative graph below




As if our graph wasn't enough, we'll explain it here too.  The way NCEA is set up, you learn your externals all throughout the year, don't see them again until mock exams, and then you're not actually tested on them until the exam period at the end of the year.

Now this is good, because it reinforces retaining knowledge, and means you can't learn something for 6 weeks then wipe it from your memory.

However, it also means you really have to do a bit of study to try and remember something you haven't seen in months, which is where we come in.

Our 4 hour workshops are run by experienced tutors, and are designed to cover external standards from start-to-finish, which is an awesome way to kickstart your own study for both mocks and the actual exam period.

​If you think you'd be keen on coming along to a workshop at some point, register your interest below. 

Registering your interest in no way commits you to coming to a workshop, but it helps us know how many to put on and when to put them on.  Make sure if you are registering your interest for you and your friends that you fill out a form for each person.

We'll post our 2020 workshop schedule in Term 3, but you can still register your here!

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